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Players Pro Shop specializes in all three interchangeable thumb systems: "The Ultimate Thumb" "Turbo Switch Grips" and the "Vice IT".

We recommend "THE Ultimate Thumb" interchangeable system because it improves on the reliability and durability that both the Switch Grips and VICE lack.


Ultimate System

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Like the Every-ready Bunny, it just keeps going and going and going!

The unique Ultimate locking system is built to last. Four locking tabs provide stability and a solid fit that does not move once locked in place.

Installation is a dream. Drill the hole and glue it in. No mess. No having to enlarge the hole to get the insert to slide in easily.

We highly recommend the Ultimate System for the serious bowler

Turbo Switch Grip

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The Turbo Switch Grip is a good system and easy to install. Sometimes there are issues with having to work out the outer sleeve hole when the system is installed on a used ball with a slug.

The simple “Twist & Click” makes changing thumbs faster, but so is it with the Ultimate System but with much more solid construction.

Roger Koplin uses the Ultimate system, while John Eberhard has been using the Switch Grip for over 6 years. Both are good systems.

Support the
Vice IT System

Too Many Parts!!!

In an attempt to make the Vice IT product less prone to failure, a number of changes were made.

We do not feel those changes were sufficient to continue to use their product.

In a nutshell, the major problem with the IT system is too many parts PLUS when the system fails, the fix is not easy and is also prone to failure.

Neither the Ultimate nor Switch grip suffer from that problem.

All systems can fail, but the fix for both the Ultimate and Switch Grip is easy with a low failure rate.

The Best Fit
Roger Koplins and John Eberhard have a combined 60 years of ball drilling experience and take the time to fit every bowler properly.

No matter what your experience level, we will us ALL of our expertise to ensure that you have the best fit possible.

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