Importance of Bowling Ball Layouts - An Introduction

There is a lot of information about ball layouts. From books to articles in the bowling magazines to the internet. There are layout systems, (such as dual angle, degree system, Storms Vector layout system, X b Y with buffers).

Attempt at Drilling the Ball Right

All of these systems are attempting to one thing: Help a ball driller not to screw up a drill. After all, if a bowler pays $200 to $300 for a ball, the ball driller AND the manufacturer want that ball to knock down pins and not puke and die. If a ball driller screws up a layout, both the driller and the bowling ball manufacturer have just lost a customer.

Players Pro Shop & Training Center uses the
Mo Rich DUAL ANGLE LAYOUT System to design precise ball reactions. The Dual Angle Layout Technique is based on the physics of the ball and the bowler's style and insures the bowler gets the reaction that matches their style.

All Systems Work As Long As The Bowlers Specs Are Used:

1.Their Axis of Rotation
2. Position of his Axis
3.Axis Tilt
4. Ball Speed
5. Rev Rate

Average Pap vs Your PAP (Positive Axis Point)

Most drill sheets and layout systems assume a persons PAP is 5 inches out and 1 inch up with a 45 degree axis shift. That is considered the norm. If your pap or axis is not those specs, then the targeted ball reaction will not be as promised. Hence, the more a bowlers PAP and roll differs from the normal, the less accurate these systems are.


Another factor that drill sheets and drill systems cannot really account for is pin placements, especially in the case of asymmetrical bowling balls. Asymmetrical balls can have mass bias placements in a bad position relative to if the bowler is a right or left hander, rendering a ball that can only be drill for a left hander or visa versa. The length of the pin was once an important factor, but with todays balls not so much.

Heavy Weight Block (Mini History of Weight Blocks)

Before Hammer introduced the hand grenade type weight block weighing several pounds, bowling balls had a weight block that weighed between 2-4 oz. This weight was designed only to replace the weight taken out of a bowing ball when it was drilled.
Putting 4 to 6 pound weight blocks in a bowling balls made it mandatory that the layout of a bowling ball MATCHED a bowlers pap, axis shift., speed and rev rate.

Game Analysis Is Important!!!!

The above gives a person a general idea of why it is mandatory to analyze a persons games BEFORE they get a balled drilled. To do it any other way means the ball driller is either guessing or just does't care enough about the customer to get it right.

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