A Proper Fit and Drill Is Essential

A properly fitted and drilled bowling ball is essential to being able to bowl successfully and prevent finger or thumb problems.

Basics To Proper Bowling Ball Fitting And Drilling

Pro Shop ball drilling professionals must first measure the bowlers hand to determine the size and shape of your gripping fingers and thumb. Also, the hand must be examined to determine how it opens and closes, the shape of the fingers and thumb, flexibility, and the span of the hand (distance between thumb and gripping fingers).

Drilling Down

There is no ONE WAY to drill all grips. Every hand is different, and a ball driller must consider the following factors:

1. Flexibility of the thumb
2. Flexibility of the fingers
3. Span of Grip
4. Hole size of thumb.
5. Hole sizes of fingers .
6. Use of Finger Inserts or Not
7. Grip Type: Fingertip vs Conventional
8. Experience of the Bowler
9. Determine Thumb and Finger Latterals
Standard method of determining laterals is limited and misunderstood
Age, arthritis, injury and flexibility determine laterals
Tendons pressure can effect thumb lateral pitch
10. Length of thumb important factor in pitches
11. Shape of the Thumb (round, oval or deformed)

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to determine a proper fit without the bowler being present.

Players Pro Shop & Training Center uses the Mo Rich DUAL ANGLE LAYOUT System to design precise ball reactions. The Dual Angle Layout Technique is based on the physics of the ball and the bowler's style and insures the bowler gets the reaction that matches their style.

Experience The Best Teacher
There is only ONE SCHOOL that teaches ball drillers how to properly fit a bowler and that is experience and knowledge along with the ability to diagnose a bowlers hand.

A weekend school, or even a week long school will not do it. While the attendees do learn some of the techniques of drilling, no amount of schooling can prepare a ball driller for the diversity of a bowlers hand. Every person is different in looks, build, and personality, and so it that person's hand. Everyone one is unique and that is especially true for a bowler and their grip.

Everyone Change With Age and So Does Their Grip

Getting older not only effects a persons physical abilities, but a bowlers grip changes over the lifetime of their bowling career. Age, injuries, bowling style change and experience all contribute to a bowler's grip changing. What worked when a bowler was young, flexible and strong will not work when the ravages of age, arthritis, or injuries combine to changes things up.

Get A Grip!!
In bowling, having a consistent grip on the ball will improve your ability to strike (and spare!). If you have any kind of issues with your fit, it can hurt your scores and, worse yet, it can lead to minor or major injuries. Protect your hand, protect your scores, and make sure that your bowling ball grip is the right fit!

Only The Best Will Do
At Players Pro Shop, Roger Koplin's and John Eberhard, have a combined 60 years of ball drilling experience and we take the time to fit every bowler properly. No matter what your experience level, we will use ALL of our expertise to ensure that you have the best fit possible.

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