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Generic Drill Sheets Supplied By Manufacturers

The manufacture drill sheets included with every ball sold is a generic drill sheet. It assumes that the person buying that ball has a standard 3/4 roll with a 45 degree axis shift and a pap of around 5 inches out and 1 inch up.

One Size Does Not Fit All!

What most bowlers do not understand is that not everyone has that assumed classic 3/4 roll, pap, or axis shift. Some bowlers throw a spinner while some throw a full roller. Two handed bowlers can have their track in really unusual places! All this means that those bowlers DO NOT have a standard axis AND the layouts recommended by the drill sheet WILL BE INACCURATE!

Bad Layouts = Bad Results

if you have a ball drilled without the person drilling your ball knowing your pap location, the amount of rotation your axis travels and your track; there is about a 50% chance your ball will be drilled incorrectly for your ball release.

Importance of the Layout

I cannot tell everyone how many times I have seen new customers bring in equipment that was drilled exactly the opposite of what their pap and axis shits called for. The bottom line is that just because someone has a drill press does no mean they know how to layout a ball correctly.

On Lane Analysis

If you are a new customer with an established average, we prefer not to drill a ball for you UNTIL we analyze your ball track, find your true pap and axis of rotation. We do this by marking your pap and have you throw your current bowling ball on the lanes until we can determine what your axis shift and where your ball track is.

Run Away!

If you walk into a pro shop and they do not, or have not, done a lane analysis to determine the above criteria, I suggest you RUN out because that person is either more interested in taking your money and/or just doesn't understand the theory of layouts. Either way, you are spending good money with a better than 50% chance of bad results.

It's Not Rocket Science, But It's Important

If you have had your ball drilled without the above actions being taken, then the person drilling your ball is either guessing or assuming that you have a standard pap and axis shift and they will be right a little less than 50% of time. For the amount of money you are paying for bowling equipment, that is just not acceptable.