Bowling Instructions For Everyone

Learn to Bowl The Right Way

Learning to bowl is one thing. Learning the proper technique is a different animal. And acquiring proper techniques  is the  very essence of becoming a high average (or at leaste a higher average) bowler.

Personnal Instructions

Roger Koplin and John Eberhard, both former PBA touring pros, have teamed together to add another dimension to their pro shop: Individual personnal instructions for any level of bowler. Want to impove your game? See us. 

We will bring your bowling game to a level that you had thought was impossible. 

Schedule A Lesson

Call, Email or use the CONTACT FORM to schedule lessons today. We are available for instructions 7 days a week - as long as you make an appointment.

Don't Guess

The average league bowlers spends their entire bowling career guessing how to bowl. They take helpful hints from bowlers who have a higher average than they do believing that they have more knowledge about how to bowl than they do. Sadly, way to many times this is just not the case.

Experiece vs Knowledge

Experience does not equal knowledge. Experenced league bowlers may have some knowledge of how to bowl. But it is bits and pieces, not the whole picture. In the end, they usual provide just enough advice to confuse a bowler or even worse, give bad advice that result in learning techniques that hurt the bowler game

Want to Know Your Ball Speed?

There is a formula to calculate a player's velocity:

  1. Determine the elapsed time (in seconds, i.e. 2.52) from the moment of the player's release to the moment of impact on the pins.
  2. Divide this number into 40.91 (i.e. 40.91/2.52 = 16.23 mph).

And there you go. This formula is more accurate than the speed recorded on the score monitor because it calculates the overall speed of a player's ball speed, not at the end of the delivery, where the ball has slowed up due to transition from skid to hook to roll.